Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Since its formation in 2007, our Department has had a profound impact on society. We are proud of our innovation and entrepreneurship that has helped to educate many leaders in industry and academia worldwide.




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Our faculty and students continue to advance the state-of-the-art, define new directions for electrical and electronics engineering, and develop new technologies to help address critical societal challenges in power, energy, and the environment. Perhaps even more important is our unceasing commitment to our students, helping them learn, grow, and develop and achieve their goals, whether it is becoming a professor, an entrepreneur, or joining industry.

Our department’s mission, however, extends beyond disciplinary boundaries.
We build upon developments in the basic sciences and apply EEE techniques to address challenges in other engineering. The Department also enjoys very close relationship with industry, both in terms of research and recruiting.

Engineers who specialize in electrical and electronic engineering are concerned with the design and analysis of controllers, power converters that eventually help in obtaining the desired characteristics of electromechanical systems.

Please browse our website, learn more about us, and contact us with any questions. If you are joining us as a student, we look forward to your contributions to the department and to EEE in general. We hope to be part of your success.

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Faculties are continuously upgrading themselves and enriching their knowledge by attending various faculty development programmes. Regularly they are publishing papers in International Journals and Conferences to expose their technical knowledge to the globe.

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We are concentrating on co-curricular activities like Technical Symposiums, Project Exhibitions also. We are encouraging and guiding students to participate in technical competitions.

Salient Features

  1. Well Equipped laboratories.
  2. Well qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching faculties


  1. Consistently Producing Good Results.
  2. Producing State-Level Rank Holders
  3. Faculty Quality improvement through Continuing Education Programs
  4. Producing state-level winners in project exhibition

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